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Does Google care about your Facebook Page?

This week we’re going to address whether Google cares about your business’s social media profiles, including the ones on Facebook, Instagram, X, and Pinterest. You may recall reading in our newsletter a few months ago that Google now asks for your social links, whereas previously, they’d try to scrape them themselves.

Moreover, Google now shows them more reliably in search results on your Google Business Profile.

Our SEO strategy is simple: if Google is investing valuable developer hours into a feature, it's likely they consider that data important. Currently, we’re conducting a test to determine if social media activity, such as following and likes, or other metrics influence the ranking of a Google Business Profile. While we await the results, we recommend adding your social media links to your Google Business Profile as a precaution. Stay tuned for the results in a few months.

To add your social media links, go to https://business.google.com, click ‘Edit profile’ then add them under ‘Social profiles’.